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Recently, I bought a royal blue romper. I loved the way I felt when I saw myself in it, and I loved the smile I had on my face when I looked in the mirror. I knew that when I wore it I would feel beautiful, and I did. I wore it on a Wednesday, and at the end of its debut night, someone very important to me told me that they wished that I felt that confident all the time; and I realized I wished that, too.

Why is it so hard to be confident? To stand tall in…

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Recently, I was faced with the end of an almost decade-long friendship. I knew for months that it was over — that I deserved better — but I continued to convince myself that it was okay. We had been so close for so long, and only romantic relationships can be destructive, right?

Spoiler alert: Wrong.

I have dated more than my fair share of terrible guys. Ones who only care about themselves and managed to make me feel like every move I made was the wrong one. I have also made quite a few selfish friends. The type of friends…

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I am 26 and I have never loved my body the way it deserves.

The hardest part about explaining a sensitive topic is stressing that I don’t want attention. I am not fishing for compliments. I am not looking to be told I am beautiful, or that I shouldn’t worry. Flattery, even while possibly genuine, means nothing.

For me, opening up about something like this has always been a risk, inevitably accompanied by ridicule and judgment. But, the moment we judge is the moment we fail. We fail our children, our friends, our classmates, and — most importantly — ourselves.

That was all I knew

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Big sister is the best job I could ever have — just typing that makes me smile. I wish it was an easy job, and that I didn’t carry so much guilt about how much more I should have done.

I watched it happen. I knew he was missing during the days; I listened to him cry and ask you to let him out of his room. But you said it was fine, that “Grandma loves you,” and I never questioned it.

The good memories, when he was playing with me, are the ones I remember clearly. You aren’t usually…

And all the bullshit that goes with them

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Have you ever heard the theory that you get three great loves in your life? The one that looked right, the hard one, and the one that lasts a lifetime? Yeah, I pretty much have based my dating habits around that idea.

I met a love that looked right when I was younger. He was tall and we had nothing in common. He criticized my every move. …

Haley Becza

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