Off-Campus Housing Heating Up

Milledgeville, Georgia is a temporary home for many students attending Georgia College. With on-campus living dormatories provided for all incoming freshmen, returning students look to off-campus housing facilities to be their home-away-from-home.

With new off-campus houses opening, competition between complexes has greatly increased. “I’m a senior now but when I was a freshman, you either picked the Grove or the Bellamy or found a house and now there are so many options,” said Elizabeth Howell, leasing consultant of Station on McIntosh.

Many students have noted the incentives being promised to those who sign to particular housing. The Bellamy offered $500 in cash as a special “Spring Break” package, where as the Grove of Milledgeville has offered a $300 gift card for those who sign. “We’re able to do those specials to bring more people in and it’s definitely working,” said Paige Still, community assistant of the Bellamy.

The competing complexes do have an issue in common; finding students to fill vacancies. “All of the apartment complexes keep opening however Georgia College is not extending their intake in students and then a lot of students transfer out,” said Ashley McAllister, Head CA of Magnolia Park. Why continue building? Contractors and investors see the financial benefit of Milledgeville and its students.

With more housing opportunities, will these new competitors force others to lose financially? Arcadia on the River is a new cottage style housing facility that has come to surpass the apartment style complexes offered to Georgia College students. “We’ve lost a lot of people to Arcadia, just because it’s a brand new property, it’s bigger, they’re right by the river, they have access to walking trails and things like that and that’s something we can’t compete with,” said Still. Arcadia has led some competitors to lower rates and offer special deals; despite the fact that the student living facility doesn’t open until fall 2017.

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