FOCO Comes Out at Night

Do you come alive at night? Or do you like to be in bed by 8 P.M. to avoid the hustle and bustle of the Fort Collins nightlife? Either way Fort Collins is a destination that has something for everybody. While Foco does attract a vast audience, the night owls of the city benefit the city more than one would think. Often times the “nightlife crew” gets a bad name for being reckless and rowdy, but people tend to forget about the benefits that comes from people who give back to the city after 9,10, 11 P.M.

I spend my days like some people here in Fort Collins. I wake up, exhausted, go to school, exhausted, go to work, ( yup you guessed it) exhausted, and then the sun sets and all of a sudden I come alive. I don’t know if it’s the fact that all my duties are done, and I finally have time to relax, or I’m a real life vampire… either way, I knew coming here I would need a city to appeal to both my day life, and my night life and when people look at Fort Collins that is exactly what they see. Although many people aren’t a part of the nightlife, nor will ever be, what happens at night actually benefits many of the things people do during the day.

We begin to see the real effect nightlife can have when we look at a bigger scale city, such as Las Vegas, New York, or Miami. These cities generate over hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue each year while bringing incredible numbers of people to their city. The fact of the matter is, cities that have a booming nightlife are the most successful cities at all hours of the day. If those cities are generating that much money just by staying open later, Fort Collins is doing it as well. When people go out and spend their money at night odds are they are going to keep spending, until they arrive back at home. What these late night spenders are doing are creating revenue for the city, while most of the people sleep. The more people come, tour and visit our city, then the more people pay our taxes, and ultimately it all comes back to benefit Fort Collins.

What many people don’t realize is the people going out late at night are often not the permanent residents of Fort Collins. The people that go out late at night are the interchangeable college kids, and the people only visiting the city. But the residents are the ones who get up in the morning and start spending their money. Whether you early risers are getting breakfast at the Urban Egg or grabbing a quick lunch at Tony’s with the family, these places would not still be in business if it wasn’t for the nightlife. Old Town as a whole would not be what it is today, with out the nightlife.

While the “nightlife crew” can be reckless, noisy, and straight up sloppy, don’t judge too quickly. The next time see you some people pre-gaming at 10 P.M, join them or just smile and be happy you’re safe in bed by a decent hour.