The beginning

I moved to London six years ago on my first “OE”, also known as an Overseas Experience. The move to the UK is something that is ingrained in New Zealand culture, having ancestral ties to Britain and a chance for us to see the world before too many big life commitments. Off I went, halfway across the globe, with my one 20kg suitcase, basically I couldn’t be moving anywhere further away from my home. Keen and eager to see as much of Europe as possible, get a cool job in “Shoreditch”, save my pounds, do my two-year working visa and…

A brief insight into the design process behind Compare The Market’s new PPC motor landing page.

The Problem

Compare the Market currently uses the same landing page layout for most of its insurance products — regardless of where the customer has come from. Our landing pages contain a lot of information, which may be valuable for customers who want to know more about car insurance, but could be overwhelming for customers who’ve demonstrated their intent by searching for car insurance quotes and arriving at our site.

Other aggregators use PPC (pay-per-click) specific landing pages for their products, which are optimised…

From agency life, to meerkats, co-pilots and home insurance

I joined as a UX Designer earlier this year and thought I would share with you my first project. Perhaps a way to see what it’s like day to day working as a designer at the White Collar factory headquarters located at Old Street, London and gain a little insight into the world of online insurance.

Haley Gould

Product designer @farfetch, mum, proud lefty and coffee enthusiast.

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