PR Story Ideas


  1. LU students recognized in national photography contest — Photograpy students are featured in the Photographer’s Forum Magazine, showing the versatility and capability of the creative side of Liberty’s programs.

Summary: Many students in the photography department were recognized as finalists for their photography of nature and human subjects. This competition was held by students all around the world.

  1. LU Dining Hall ranked #1 — A great incentive for prospective students seeking a university with healthy and delicious dining arrangements.

Summary: Because of the Reber-Thomas Dining Halls diversity of ingredients and effective waste management, Liberty University was ranked #1 in the country for best dining hall. This is the second year in a row LU placed first in excellent dining services. This accomplishment was due to the dining halls commitment to making the food fresh on a daily basis and ensuring that there were several options for gluten-free dining.

  1. LU students provide disaster relief following devastating tornado — Displays the values and mission of Liberty University through the hearts of Liberty students seeking to engage the community by helping others in need.

Summary: After a tornado struck Appomattox, Virginia, 23 students rushed to aid victims of the disaster. The relief efforts included distributing food and salvaging items in the midst of the turmoil.

Additional Story links

  1. Students donate beanies to kids fighting cancer

Summary: Students have made a line of beanies with the slogan “Love Your Melon” in order to comfort children with cancer. Love Your Melon also offers these children hope through various activities.

  1. Students raise awareness of human trafficking
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