Summer nights

it was just a crush

but man it drove us insane

sneaking out of windows @ 1:38

you’d pick me up

we’d drive up the hill

then you’d look at me

& time would stand still

the stars were so bright

they lit up your eyes

good tunes were blasting

your hand on my thigh

& oh how i love these summer nights

then suddenly you kissed me

electricity in our lips

a feeling of victory

as your hands touch my hips

we keep the music down

so that nobody might hear

we laugh a little

your breath tickling my ear

And I think I love you

now we’re speeding down the road

our smiles bigger than how much we’re above the speed limit

my heads out the window

the air is warm just like your touch

and I think I’m living

it’s like all I need is


4 am

and Your pick up truck

And I swear in that moment

You became my world

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