summer nights and the weepies

I live for those late summer nights when the crickets are loud and the earth’s smell is strong. The flicker of the fireflies reminds me of younger days and simpler times when catching them in jars with my dad was magical.

As much as I love summer, I’m ready for fall. I’m ready for the cloudless days that fade away into cool nights. I miss the crisp air and the clean feeling the breeze brings after the sun-drenched past months.

Maybe it’s because summer proved to be too much. Too much leaving, too much change. Maybe because, in my mind, the change of seasons provides some sense of comfort. A familiarity that would be welcome, a glimmer of past memories.

Sometimes these things happen; we get to the end of something, and we’re at a loss about where to go from there. Perhaps we had the foresight to see the end coming, or perhaps it is an unexpected change. Regardless, it’s something we have to work through to decide what our next steps will be.

The inspirational quotes on Pinterest only go so far. They try to make us feel better in the moment, but lack the power to have a lasting impact on our lives. We still read them. We write them in our notebooks and we tape them to our bathroom mirrors, but their strength is small.

Our friends give us advice. Sometimes helpful, always well-meaning, but rarely what we’re truly searching for.

We think, and we ponder our options, and we look back and wish that the page hadn’t turned. It’s funny how things in the past seem so simple compared to what we know now. In the future, we’ll look back on these days and think the same thing.

They say that time and moving forward are the only things that heal. It’s true. The sun comes up and the seasons change and the world keeps going. And someday, we look back and see how far we’ve come and how much farther we can go.

And sometimes, we just stop and reflect. About our lives, about the people in them, about where we’re going and where we want to end up.

So I’ll sit here on this clear summer night, and I’ll listen to The Weepies. I’ll remember that, like all the good and bad and in-between nights I’ve had, this one too will see its end.