“The Persuaders” Response Post.

One of the first things stated in “The Crusaders” film is that advertising is the American culture today and that statement made me realize how absolutely true it was. When you go to another country the streets are filled with colored homes, rocky streets and plant life grown into their cities but here our homes and streets are covered in advertisements and capitalism being shoved down our throats. We are so use to the advertising and marketing around us that it has literally rooted itself into our culture.

Culture is suppose to represent a country and its accomplishments of that day and all of ours are covered in advertisements. We allow the media to take over rather than let our county’s culture thrive. It is hard to even walk outside without seeing so kind of ad.

Now this is not limited to just America, if you go to London or Tokyo it is the same thing but it has really taken over all of the United States. They also state in the video that the American people have become almost numb to the advertisement around them which is why companies have to keep coming up with new ways to advertise that will actually sell their product or service.

Another thing I found interesting in how careful you must be with the language you use in advertising. Anything said to the public in general must be carefully thought out.

Language must be used to make things clear and persuade the audience to a sense to hear what the company wants them to hear. If the audience misunderstands what you are trying to say, especially in political situations, it can have some major consequences. In a way, language can be used to manipulate an audience as well.

As christians, we must be wary in this field of work. It is very easy to go down the road of using you language and advertising as a form of manipulation. Even if you have your boss ask you to write something untrue or something that twists the truth what is going to win, our job or our morals.

While persuasion is not necessarily a sin, it does rest on a fine line between lying and the truth. The apostle Paul stated that “The love of money is the root of all evil”. How then, can advertisement, or even capitalism, fit into a christian world view? Is the love of monetary accumulation not the driving force behind capitalism?

Contemporary American culture is commonly confused for original christian values. Jesus never said “sell the best product you can provide and beat out all competition! Pay low wages for mind numbing work to accumulate a heavy bottom like”, he said “blessed are the poor in spirit”. Jesus did not sell salvation, the hottest commodity of all time, it was freely given to all who asked.

With this in mind, it doesn’t seem fair to ask whether advertising itself is morally safe in the realms of christianity, rather we should be asking if the driving force of advertising- capitalism- is. If it’s not should christians leave capitalism all together?

When all is said and done, we will never find a christian society on earth. There will always be situations and practices that we participate in — knowingly or not- that do not perfectly align with God’s plan. Choosing to address one issue over another (essentially, cherry picking morality) is both irresponsible and incredibly disrespectful to God’s word. But everyone’s convictions are their own, and nobody can judge them but God.

I watched “The Persuaders” in its entirety.

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