The advice I gave other people, but didn’t take myself

As most people will attest, they give really great advice. Unfortunately, in reality, while they might actually give phenomenal advice, they don’t take it themselves. I was an extreme culprit of this. I supported, proof-read, and even wrote blogs for other people, but then proceeded to add no content actually associated with my name or brand. I researched who, where, and when people were consuming content, devised publishing plans, and “clapped” on their articles in support. I just did nothing for me.

I genuinely love the phrase “sit back and watch the world burn”, which I think applies to a lot of employees in the corporate world. That isn’t me, and likely, if you’re reading this, that isn’t you either. For the other group of people with arguably better intentions, we just “sit back and watch the world succeed”.

Someone told me the other day that when they were overhearing a conversation I was having, I used the word empowered 31 times. 31 times, I thought that someone else need to take action, someone who wasn’t me. I genuinely remember thinking during that conversation that they were opting out of a great opportunity, but in reality, I was.

While having a heated conversation about brand creation and accessibility of content, that’s when I knew I needed to actually take action in order to win. Since I lost that battle, I began to win the war. Here it is. Everything that I should have been able to articulate, I can now prove. If you are passionate enough to argue about it, it should be something you can write about.

So, what are the last three pieces of advice that you have given and when are you actually going to take action on it. Here are mine:

Contribute good content

Be Empowered

Write like you argue — with passion

Write them down. Do them. Then, you teach them.

Side Note: Marek published before I did.