As expected, I see that the comments are simply brimming with hate, clearly from plenty of Trump’s staunchest supporters. Just remember, you’ve got to take all of the hate they’re spewing with a grain of salt — they’re only capable of so much. They don’t really do well interacting with those who disagree with them, let alone question their new king.

Anyways, kudos to you for speaking your mind and standing for what you believe in. People love to forget that freedom of speech doesn’t just apply when the other person is saying something they agree with, but at all times.

You’re certainly not alone in your stand against this man and his intended walls (literal and figurative). I still truly believe that he’s a pawn in the game though. He’s not there to win. He’s there to make us feel better if Hillary wins, so we can say, “Well, she’s terrible, but at least it’s not Trump, right?” Though hopefully, this little scheme will backfire on the two-party system — vote 3rd party candidates, people. That’s our only hope.

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