David Ross’ homerun: was that his winning moment in Game 7 of the World Series?

David Ross went out with a bang. The veteran catcher was 1–1 at the plate with a homer on a fly ball to center field during the sixth inning, stretching the Cubs’ lead to 3.

Besides winning the World Series, I cannot think of a more satisfying way to end your career at the plate than to hit a home run. The run ended up being critical after the teams went into extra innings, but was that his highlight of his final game in the MLB? Or did he win this game in the dugout?

First baseman Anthony Rizzo approached Ross in the early innings of the game:

Rizzo: I can’t control myself right now. I’m trying my best.
Ross: It’s understandably so, buddy.
Rizzo: I’m emotional.
Ross: I hear ya.
Rizzo: I’m an emotional wreck.
Ross: Well, it’s only going to get worse. Just continue to breathe. That’s all you can do, buddy. It’s only gonna get worse.
Rizzo: I’m in a glass case of emotion right now.
Ross: Wait until the 9th with this three-run lead.

Rizzo went on to hit an RBI single in the fifth inning that expanded the teams’ lead to 4 runs.

Of course, Ross’ homerun was an important aspect to the overall outcome. The game ended in a one-run difference.

It just goes to show how the impact of a strong leader can influence young guys in the clubhouse. Sometimes it is more important to be present off the field than on. Ross’ veteran-like leadership will be sorely missed.