Project 3: Character Intro with Sound

Anna Hill is a sophomore at Ole Miss from Madison, Mississsippi. Anna was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer when she was 17 years old. Anna went through months of radiation causing her to lose her hair.
Anna takes Fentanynl patches on a daily basis to help with the pain she feels from the effects of cancer. Anna just recently recieves news from her doctor that she has a benign tumor growing under her left rib.
Anna is studying print journalism and wants to write screen plays for “feel good” movies. Anna writes words of encouragement and hangs them around her room and apartment.
Since Anna’s ovaries are removed, she is required to take many different kinds of medicines to regulate her hormones. She takes eight different types of medicines a day, some of them more than once.
This is the aftermath of Anna’s surgery to remove her ovairies. She had nearly 100 stables that left a scar. Anna said her scar is one of her biggest insecurities.
Anna takes out photos of her from when she was going through treatment. She says she went through radiation every single day for eight hours a day for months.
Anna is getting ready to put on her wig. Unlike most girls who spend time curling or brushing their hair, Anna puts on her wig cap and adjusts her wig to fit her head.
Anna lets her friends write sweet notes, inside jokes and scripture on a piece of paper hanging in her bathroom. Anna has fixed her wig to her liking and jokes that she needs to wash her wig soon.
Anna is taking off her wig to get ready for a light work out. She is working towards running again, but she is not able to do so until her doctor releases her. She says wearing her wig during the warm months is brutal.
Anna’s mom gave her this book as soon as she found at that Anna had cancer. Anna doesn’t like to say that she’s survived cancer; rather, she says she is surviving cancer. She says cancer is never really over and she is reminded of it every single day.
Anna stands in front of her mirror examining how she looks. She says she is saving up her money to buy a new wig with bangs in the near future.
This is a photo of Anna [left] and one of her triplet sisters Megan [right] before Anna had cancer. The bottom photo is her triplet sisters with her older sister Rachel. Anna says her family has always been her biggest supporters.
Anna’s daily routine consists of doing her online homework. Due to her many doctor visits, Anna is required to take all online classes this semester. She said it has been the hardest semester thus far.
Anna got a new dog and says she keeps her company on most days when she is alone at home. She says her dog, Sawyer, also forces her to get outside and exercise.
During Anna’s treatment, she made pen-pal friends who write her letters from all over the world. She collects them and keeps them stored in a shoebox beneath her bed. She said she has over 200 letters.
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