Whenever mastering a trade, sharpening a skill, or immersing one self in a way of lifestyle, that said person has to understand the fundamentals.




plural noun: fundamentals

Forming a necessary base or core; of central importance. A central or primary rule or principle on which something is based.

Fundamentals of certain topics are easier to grasp than others. Some you can simply read a book on, do an online course, listen to podcasts, and not have to put too much effort into.

Then there are others which require much more than skimping the back of a textbook, & tuning in and out during a seminar. Those fundamentals are the topics in which a person must actually [first hand] seek out, feel, & taste to inherit what it truly means.

You never fully understand something until you under go it. You breathe it in, eat it, sleep in it, wear it & live it.

I have experienced a lot within my life, both good and bad. This past year though, has been such a lesson. [I feel like the word “lesson” doesn’t really justify how vast this has been. Lesson makes it sound like there’s an ending. Which no, I have yet to see any exit signs. But, for the sake of a lack of a better synonym, let’s just roll with it] This learning material has been some of the hardest to chew, digest, & marinate in. Searching and seeking within something that is such an abyss. Daunting at times, extremely overwhelming, the deepest pains I’ve endured, loneliest months, heaviest pillars to place in my foundation, & hardest principals to establish.

The soul is something that is so fragile, powerful, sensitive, strong, discerning & utterly confusing.

Those adjectives were contradictory to one another. Exactly.

Welcome to the Fundamentals of Soul Searching.

[Literally, nothing will make sense but you’ll get revelation after epiphany. You’re going to need coffee.]

I’ve always been the type of person that has been pretty confident. I was born into a family that loves well & loves hard. I have two amazing parents that have instilled morals, values, and true worth since day one. I have a younger sister that I can honestly say is my best friend. I’m blessed to say I don’t have “Daddy Issues”, my mother has never tried to live through me or live my life for me, I’ve been encouraged & cheered on in everything I wanted to pursue, and my identity is anchored in Christ. Funny thing… even when you’ve been dealt a lucky hand, it doesn’t change how hard the game is. Like I said earlier, this has been the hardest time of my life thus far.

Reasoning for the background on myself is to specify, that even if a human has been raised in the healthiest way possible, it does NOT differ them from the fact that they too will have difficulties when venturing into soul seeking.

That fact should be refreshing & comforting. You are not alone, you are not lost, you are not forgotten. Even though in this “lesson” you feel like you’re a party of one, you actually have more in your pool than out.

Within the next entries, [not completely sure how long I’ll write on this piece] I hope you feel encouraged. I pray that you don’t turn away from the pursuit of instilling fundamentals of your soul’s identity. The greatest treasures & rewards are those that you had to fight, sacrifice, & wait for.

“Our willingness to wait reveals the value we place on what we are waiting for.”

-Charles Stanley


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