Reflection on Pixar’s James Ford Murphy

Between classes and work, I attended two speakers at Marquette’s 2015 Digital Advertising Summit. Without a doubt, closing keynote speaker James Ford Murphy took the cake. His presentation on his work at Pixar brought me back to the first and only temper tantrum I ever had: running around the house crying and begging my parents to take me to see the premiere of Finding Nemo.

I’m not sure how much detail I can give on Murphy’s presentation without running into legal trouble, but suffice to say his sneak preview of the short film Lava blew me away. I would have been thrilled if his presentation only consisted of his talk on Lava, but even better Murphy also shared life and career advice that truly resonated with me as I search for full-time employment.

Murphy told us, “Take chances, and poor your heart into everything you do.” He spoke with such passion for his work at Pixar and his family. His passion reminded me of the passion I felt for my global marketing work at Johnson Controls last summer. During his talk, I made a mental promise to not settle for post-graduation work that doesn’t excite me or promise passion. As I’ve “job searched” over the last week, I’ve reminded myself of this promise. I hope it leads me to fulfulling work and out of my parents’ basement.

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