Why Zergfits are good for Planetside

I’ve been thinking about writing this for a while, but some recent events have led me to actually start. The elitism in the community has caused a lot of hate towards zergfits, because they use “cheesy” tactics and bring more people than you did. Everyone needs to realize that only 10% of players can be the top 10%. Not everyone can git gud, and not everyone wants to. Actuall improving at this game is punishing. I would know, I’m working on it right now. Newer players are often turned off by getting dunked over and over again by opponents who are much better than they are. Zergfits help retain these players, keeping them decently organized and actually winning fights. They may need numbers and they may need cheese to do it, but they are winning fights that they wouldn’t win alone, and that gives them a good enough experience to keep playing. People might say that this scenario is hypothetical, but it isn’t. It’s how I got started. Many players like me might have never gotten the chance to improve, but DaPP, or AOD, or PHX, kept them in the game, and that’s important to keeping a game alive. Next time you’re thinking about complaining in yell chat about AOD dumping three platoons on the Crown, think about how you got started, and maybe just let it go. The next article will be about public platoons, and it relates closely to this one.

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