No Boobs Left Behind

The Following is from a recent episode of Half Hour Intern, where we discuss the interesting paths people take in life. Today we explore the path of starting a sports bra company aimed at helping well-endowed women.

The Rundown

I know I know. I’ve started several of these out by saying something like “fill-in-the-blank, isn’t it great?!” or “fill-in-the-blank, is there anything more loved?”. But please, bare with with me one more time. Today, finally, we have an episode dedicated to the topic of boobs. If there is anything more loved than boobs…I’m not too sure what it is. Women love em’, men love em’, babies LOVE em’. They’re a real catch all. A great reminder to not see ourselves as so separate and divided all the time, and that at the end of the day we really are all one. One great big boob-loving family.

The strange thing that I learned during this interview is that as much as we love boobs we’re not doing very much to support (plenty more puns where that came from) women with larger breasts. I want you to imagine trying to go for a run with DD breasts, which weigh approximately 19 lbs, attached to the front of your body. Now picture doing the same thing with JJ breasts. No thank you! In fact, this is exactly what many well endowed women are saying. According to Bloom Bra’s founder, Elyse Kaye, “One out of five women don’t work out because they experience pain associated with their breasts.” That number is staggering, and unfortunately there are much further reaching consequences than just pain. America is dealing with a very real obesity problem, and needs as few barriers to entry as possible to people getting out and exercising. Elyse has decided to tackle these issues and make a bra that supports this forgotten demographic of women which she is a part of.

Check out the interview to learn all about the difficulties of designing a bra that is up to the task, and get more boob facts than you even thought you could handle.

The Interview

Interview Contents

4:00 — The inspiration for Bloom Bras.
6:00 — The need for a product like this.
13:30 — The design of the bra.
19:30 — Questions from Blake’s sister: Does it keep the breasts stationary? Can it be worn all day? 
24:30 — Making changes to the design of the bra.
27:45 — Deciding on price point.
33:10 — How long should a bra like this last?
38:30 — The success of the kickstarter campaign.
41:30 — Boobs…so hot right now.
42:45 — What happens next?
45:30 — Advice.

Quotes From The Episode

One out of five women don’t work out because they experience pain associated with their breasts. That is a staggering statistic especially considering the rate of obesity in the United States.
Who doesn’t love boobs?!
The average bra size in the U.S. has risen from a 34 B 20 years ago to a 34 DD in 2013…all of the major athletic companies have come out and said that they are going to focus in on the traditional A through D cups, which means to me that there is this huge untapped market. I am a part of that market so I sympathize, I empathize, and I want to take this market and embrace it.

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