Finga Licking good!

by: Michael Clint

Located at 17467 NW 27th Ave in an area once know as Carol City, you will find a local hangout for some of Miami’s well know rappers & entertainers. This place has become a tourist attraction for travelers intrigued by the recent hype; on this day I found myself accompanied by one such traveler. My co-worker in town from Brooklyn, NY, eager to visit Miami’s Finger Lickin. As you walk inside you get the sense of music & food. Walls lined with platinum plaques and flat tv’s playing the hottest music videos of the day. The menu is very simple. Entrees include a chicken wing dinner starting at $9.99, grilled or fried fish, lobster, fried turkey and a steak dinner. I chose the grilled fish, shrimp dinner, Mac and cheese and the candied yams; lets not forget the colorful mystery drink. Yes, it is a bit pricey, but a made to order meal like this is the way to end your work day. Overall, this meal lived up to the hype. Perfectly flavored fish & shrimp. Savory candied yams and southern styled mac & cheese all washed down with the refreshing mystery drink. With expansion in the works to add a dine-in experience; this location will provide a memorable Miami experience for all those looking to eat and hang out. You will leave anticipating your next visit.