The Power of the Black Woman

“When Black women are down with you and in your corner, you have an ally that will move Heaven and Earth” — Tyler Perry

Black women are the most loyal group of individuals, the true definition of a “ride or die.” Going back to the Civil Rights Movement, while the protesting and demonstrations took place, who was at the side of the black man? The black woman. African American women have and always will be protective of the African American man. In “This Poem for Black Women,” by Reginald Lockett, Lockett expresses his love for his “SISS-TERS” and he also describes the black woman as the “symbol of eternal love.”

Black women are taught to be strong and independent, and that is why they are a force to be reckoned with, there is not a group alive that is comparable to black women. It is hard to be a woman in America, as we are not treated fairly, but being a BLACK woman makes that task two times harder.

Tupac Shakur said it best in “Keep Ya Head Up,” “I wonder why we take from our women? Why we rape our women, do we hate our women? I think it’s time to kill for our women, Time to heal our women, be real to our women.” It is important for African American men to realize that without the African American woman that life would be very hectic. It is important for men to show appreciation and respect to women, because in this world black women do not receive very much love. Black women are disrespected all of the time, and even by our own race. Rapper, Kodak Black, recently did an interview in which he discussed his views on black women. It started off as his opinion, which was understandable, his preference is light skinned women, but as he progressed he went on to say that he does not like darker women because they are “too gutta” for him. It is hard to understand where his opinion came from because the skin tone of a woman does not determine if she is ghetto or not ghetto, his mindset is pretty immature in my opinion. It is time for men to let go of the idea that light skinned women are better than darker skinned women, I understand that everyone has a preference but when the preference comes from childish thoughts it is time to let that mindset go.

Black women are full of love, strength, and honesty. Black women are hard on other black people because they know that tough love is the best love, if someone is tough on you it is because they know what you are capable of, and that is why black women push black men so hard.

It is time for the “Brothers” to show more love to their “Sisters,” because in today’s society it is very rare to see someone expressing their love for a black woman, and it is time for that to change. It is important to love the women that first loved you, for the women that carried you for 9 months, and even the women that adopted you. It is important love black women because the love that black women have for the black man is never ending. “BLACK WOMEN OF THE WORLD,I HERE DECLARE MY IMMORTAL LOVE FOR YOU ALL.” — Reginald Lockett

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