From Me to You, Halimah.

Dear Halimah,

Time has been far spent and you are far grown. I've seen you move on this journey, life. I see you've built your world around yourself.

I remember all the things you have always wished for but you never got any. You accept things as they are. I know you wanted to upload that video that talks about how you haven't made enough, and like the video ends, where it says, "I just want to be somebody." You are going to be somebody. A great one at what you do.

At some point…


It has been a year away from schooling. I mean, Going to school, knowing how it feels to be a student again, feeling the warmth of the bench, the soft hugs from friends, the smell of books, etc. A whole year without all these? Wow!

Students needed to be back into the system. But Covid19 being the gatekeeper between the system and the students won't let them have their way physically. So, they had to make use of the last resort, which is virtual classes.

It has been one thing and another. Problems here and there. So, I observed every…

Nothing is as spectacular as wanting to be with the people you love. Have you ever tried horse hunting, alone, for the first time with no guide? Well, no guide would leave you hunting alone, but just imagine it. You will feel some loneliness inside of you.

Years back I sit on a sofa in my aunt's house watching a particular movie on African Magic Yoruba. She had some visitors, they were people I was familiar with but weren't that close to me. Sometimes, people ask why I drift from them. I can't tell them it's because I don't get…

I was in junior class when I told mum to stop taking me to school after being mocked by friends. I told her I was already big enough to go to school myself and it will ease her the stress of bringing me to school before going to work.

I was in Jss2, I had no voice and I was still naive. It was a raining when I took a bus from Shomolu to Bariga. We were only three because the driver couldn’t get passengers due to the weather. The three people in that bus: a young man, a boy…

Every girl shall become a lady to fit into marriage(s). It is always a blessing when a mother jumps to a daughter’s proposal – saying yes to the man of her dreams.

What do they say of Lagosians and parties? Five and six. Every Lagosian event planner has this taste of a highly beautiful organized party and you must fit into that circle…

To become a bride's maid, you must be friends to the bride and you should be aware that there are 9 more maids or more that are friends to your friend just to flourish her beauty. You…


In the midst of the current happenings: The pandemic outbreak, the lockdown, etc. I made it upon myself to write a poem. Sometimes, the best time to take a step is when all doors are closed. So this poem is relating to my imagination; I thought about it and realised that “before the sun rises, a lot had been damaged overnight.” Read through the poem and dive but not too deep. Stay safe.

The night has only bid
"The night!" to us
And all these are happening...

The man who dealt
With luxuries is now
Below the…

Once, I almost lost my sister. Before my sister gained admission to Mayflower, Ikenne, she attended Gbagada girls. Sometimes, you ask her what the name of her school is and she would say “Gbadaga girls” and it was fun twisting the name of the school. I really do not like the school because the students there were too lousy.

The school was behind my school, EVAADELAJA girls. We sometimes have clashes with them. The school field was opposite their own compound and the fence wasn’t that high. Some even snuck into our school through the holes on the walls during…

Halimah Adisa

A writer / Satirist / Poet

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