Why do you want to be in a relationship?
Jessica Semaan

What we expected of ourselves as an individual in a relationship before, it’s very important what we can live with ourselves. ( as a side note one of this question, let alone answer it when you are ready.) It in yourself because everything starts and ends. We talk about relationships. Of course there is a relationship. There are not free people because of expectations, almost. People who can just observe and see the error yourself and the expectations, and the relationships of these people in the lobby. This observation is only possible with awareness

Water is an unavoidable fact of relationships is doomed to frustration when you end up with expectation. And, again, an unavoidable fact like all people, we, too, are born in an expectation. We were born on even an expectation. (even with an expectation of families to bring us to the world occurs. The fulfillment of their wishes, status, ownership, to the expectations of being able to do what they couldn’t do themselves. )

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