My mind keeps running much like a hollowed cave my thoughts keep on echoing.

Echoes surrounded by mirages of your smile, were you always this beautiful or am I dreaming?

Dreaming or conscious, it doesn’t matter because you are what this heart needs…to beat.

To beat the beat that melodies through your chambers and pumps every symphonic gush that keeps me at my feet.

My feet follow the path that you lay with every brick and with every brick you build me up to be a better person.

Would a better person doubt of such? is this a ruse or a dare? do I deserve this? I can’t find a reason.

The reason I don’t look you in the eyes is that I know if I do, you won’t just look into my soul but you will see the person behind that soul.

That soul of yours is what lights up my eyes, brightens my smile, pumps my heart and fuels my mind.