How We Broke Democracy (But Not in the Way You Think)
Tobias Rose-Stockwell

Ok, I KNOW that I tend to read (and certainly share) my own biased viewpoint. My problem is that whenever I try to venture out into other views, — SOMETIMES but not often, someone shows me a something I got wrong, or something I need to look at, but MOSTLY I see — well, naked hate and ignorance. And MOSTLY I get people who show no willingness to listen to anything other than THEIR own bubble.

So, just trying to find other sources needs help. WHAT other sources are intelligent, thought out and have base in facts?

There are some ideas out there that simply are — well, stupid. And ignorant. There is NO other side to some things, — like the idea that of equality and justice. 
I find that reality itself is somewhat biased to the left — and because of that, we need more talk — not of interpretation of the news, but what it is we value most as human beings, and be prepared to go deeper, explore those values, look at where they (may ) lead us down false allies, show us where we get caught into generalisations and false logic. 
For that, we need more than just look at other sources, we need profound discussion on our underlying philosophical beliefs. We need ability to say more than slogans. We need to talk. 
But maybe it is only possible under family therapy type conditions.

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