What I Love and Hate About Flow

Javascript Sucks Okay

Credit: document.write

Eliminate a whole class of errors


Create a new class of errors (if you’re not careful)

How you code
How I code
type SeussType = { 
thing1: string,
thing2: string
// or even bettertype ThingType = string;type SeussType = {
thing1: ThingType,
thing2: ThingType
// and thentype ApiResponseType = SeussType;

Easier refactoring

How Trump codes

More damn errors to fix before your pull request gets merged in

Helps document things

// this
const printName = name => ...
// or this
type NameType = {
first: string,
last: string
const printNameOhShitItsAnObject = (name: NameType) => ...

It’s a big time investment

Not this




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