I’m A Muslim, And I Love You
Karim Boubker

Salam br. Karim,

Thank you for writing amazing article. I share the same feeling as you. Islam has taught me to be very respectful to others and be conscious of our actions. After reading your thoughts, I am thankful. I am reminded about the differences we have in this world. After all, we were informed that this world is a test for us to prove how we treat other humans with kindness, respect, and encouragement. We believe those things will be asked in hereafter (life after death).

The main roadblock I see is media and globalization are generalizing the problems. All the negative/fear headlines get to the top because of money from click baits, view counts, and ads. We can counter this by being responsible of educating/reminding our neighbors, friends, colleagues, and yes, even our Muslim communities on the truth about being a real Muslim versus what media has labeled us.

We Muslims are not any powerful, stronger, cooler, or different than other people. I laugh at this because others fear at us despite the fact we still need eat, drink (water), work for income, visit bathroom, breathe, exercise, take care of family, etc… I am a human being and so are you. For us to get along, we want to learn about each other’s culture/belief and understand each other’s shoes. Learning is key. Knowledge is very powerful to change ourselves for the better.

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