Who is he?

I have spent thirty-six years on this planet.

Thirty-six years and I had not read a single thing by Cortázar.

Now I am.

I am glad I had never heard his name in the thirty-six years before today; or, if I had heard his name in passing or in a recommendation on what to read by a friend, I am glad it didn’t register at that time.

In the previous thirty-six years.

This is what I need right now.

The more we expand in time and push against it to explore the small spaces that can be found by refusing to imbue time with a gravity that it has not earned…

It is this:


That’s time.

Little t.

But then you find something that would have been something completely different if time had not hidden it from you.

Here is what I say:

“I won again.”

And I mean it.