Feel bad for the man who is 4 Million Years Old

This is where he lives.

Hey, you want to know who is really screwed? This one guy who is 4 Million Years old.

First, no one believes this poor man.

“Where’s your birth certificate!?”

Is it his fault that he was born before people wrote things!? He has no birth certificate; what is he supposed to do?

You can’t say he is lying, because where were you four million years ago

Where were you? Not around to say he’s not 4 Million Years old. Who are you? Not even 100 years probably.

Yet there he goes. No birth certificate. Can’t vote, even though he’s 4 Million Years old.

He has paid into Social Security from the start and he will never see a dime! Where is the outrage?

None. Because he’s 4 Million Years old. Is that what we’ve become?

A nation that has turned its back on this poor dude who is like 4 Million Years old.

Yet, I stand with him.

Here’s to another 4 Millions Years!

Note: I tagged this “Constitutional Law” because this dude was around, he was like 3,999,772 years old at the time this whole Constitution Biz Drama went down, which is still really old! He might have some insight into what the founding fathers thought, because he was there. So, whoever is miffed at that tag, I suggest you look deep inside and ask yourself, “why haven’t I at last called the 4 Million Year old Man” you insensitive people!