Pants. So Important.

I just don’t know… this can is a piece of art.

So, I should probably begin by stating that I have plenty of shirts for all occasions. Collared shirts, dress shirts, t-shirts, linen shirts for summer… I have one (1) v-neck, but I really don’t think I can pull it off, i.e. I can’t make it look good as a fashion statement. That means I never wear it, not even for social experimentation purposes.

Yes, I could use some new shoes, but I have no problem in that department. That is my main area of expertise: shoes. I like Puma suede shoes — you cannot tell me anything that will make me change my mind either.

“Oh, Pumas are stupid, the quality is just awful how dare you like Pumas…”

And my response is this:

“Aaaaaaaaaaaand I still like Pumas.”

Why can’t I just like what I like?

Pants though. I am 36 now. I feel a lot of pressure from people to ditch the shorts. Especially my shorts; they are Columbia, light forest green & waterproof shorts… I’m always ready to wade through a river. That said, people are real hostile towards them and so I think it’s best for everyone if I find something else to wear.

But this isn’t about shorts, it’s about pants. Shorts may be another post on another day.


Right. Pants. I am hopelessly lost in terms of pants. Jeans are easy, and that’s all I got. What other pants are there? I will not wear khakis ever. Chinos? Do people consider them a decent choice from a fashion perspective? People always have positive things to say about chinos so I think I have to do chinos. The hard thing is, what kind of cloth, you know? I need a pair of summer chinos.

Get this!

Okay, so, quick back-story: most of my pant worries are based on an upcoming trip I am taking to Hong Kong; I’m trying to pack as little as possible, so the clothes I bring must be versatile. This is why I’m going on about pants now…

But check it out, my friend in Hong Kong said, “Don’t wear jeans.”


What a bombshell! I had no idea the situation had become so precarious; I am so glad I figured this pants thing out.

But the shorts!

This may be the biggest crisis I have ever faced in my entire life.

Online purchases.

Not disruption btw.

Unless you are using your own dumb definition of “disruption”. Guess what? I don’t agree with it.

See how I get when the pressure gets jacked up real fast? That was not a cool thing of me to do. Let’s all take this as a lesson to remember our breathing in all situations.