Is there a CSS framework that adds the accessibility focused elements back in?
Brian W Reaves

Hi Brian W Reaves,
Not exactly, but the most popular CSS frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation basically no longer remove or unset this specific CSS feature for :focus. 
Bootstrap has a ‘Reboot’ CSS for their resets that leaves :focus intact. Their claim of accessibility however is essentially that there is nothing inherently accessible or inaccessible in Bootstrap — it is up to the author:
Foundation (I believe starting with version 4) is structured to be accessible. Their claim is that the author should keep it that way:
Other popular design systems like Material Design do not claim to be accessible, but have similar statements of advice:
One problem is that regardless of framework, most front end development practices use some type of CSS reset or unset to remove the default behavior of browsers. This allows them to write fewer lines of CSS later when styling popular elements like lists and form controls. These resets and unsets often remove accessible features. Compounding this, is the visual design trend of deliberately removing these features and simple affordances like link underlines.

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