A Beginner's Guide to DSLR Photography: Part 5

Tips on how to use a DSLR

In the previous parts(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) we had discussed briefly about the two of three pillars of Photography which are ISO and Shutter Speed. In the next two parts we shall be focusing on the last but not the least important pillar of Photography which is Aperture.

A brief understanding about Aperture can really help you get a steady hold on the camera and produce some visually attractive effects. So, let us try and figure out what Aperture is all about. In simple terms, Aperture is the opening of the lens.

So, when the shutter buttons releases and the lens of the camera gets opened. This allows the image sensor of the camera to let in the light which is available from any outside source. If the opening is small, lesser light gets in whereas, if the opening is large, more amount of light gets in.

The unit of measurement for Aperture is f stop. So, you will often come across f stop numbers such as f/2.6, f/4, and f/5.6 and so on. If you move from one unit of f-stop to other the amount of light entering through the opening of the lens gets doubled.

One thing that is the cause of confusion among many photographers is the comparison between two values of Aperture. Notice that f/2.6 is a larger aperture than f/20, h0wever it might seem otherwise. It might apparently seem to be the wrong way but with practice, you will get habituated to it.

In the next part we shall be discussing about the relation between Aperture and Depth of field, so stay tuned!

Before signing off, here’s a question for you to test your knowledge: Which value of aperture would allow more amount of light to enter: f/4.6 or f/22?

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