A second referendum would not be how you describe it.
Tom Tohain

No, the EU Commission has already stated that the UK has the right to withdraw notification under Article 50. The idea that Brexit must take place even if the UK and EU governments don’t wish it to take place is frankly rather absurd.

The only area of dispute is whether the withdrawal of Article 50 requires all 27 member states to agree or whether it can happen by right. If there was a challenge on this point it would be up to the ECJ but that is really not going to happen.

There are many articles that explain the position. The only statement claiming that Article 50 is irrevocable came from Liz Truss on a talk show and she also claimed that the government could invoke Article 50 without a referendum. She was wrong on that and the person who drafted article 50 says a government can withdraw notification.

In the very worst case scenario, the EU would do what it always does and resort to a fudge. The Brexit negotiation timetable would be extended indefinitely while the EU amended the process.

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