As an independent voter, this article is very offensive to me.
Hugh DeMann

Well being offended is what you specialize in, isn’t it? You spend 40 months complaining about everything the Republicans are doing to wreck the environment and the next 8 saying there is absolutely no difference between Democrats and Republicans.

Being a Stein voter is not cool, is not hip and isn’t in the least bit smart. It is a self indulgent claim that you are a special snowflake whose precious views are so very important that those of us who actually do meaningful work for progressive causes have to drop what we are doing and pander to your peculiar ideological commitments.

If you want more progressive government then you have to focus on persuading 51% of the country that you have the right solution. What you are doing instead is threatening the 40% of the country that make up the progressive base that unless you get your own way on absolutely everything you care about, you and your fellow 1%-ers are going to take your ball and go home. Well we just don’t have time for you right now because we need another 11% to beat Trump and we aren’t going to get it pandering to anti-vax and homeopathic cranks.

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