5 Affordable Bestie Fall Activities

1 — Thrifty Sweater Hunt

One of the best things about Fall is ALL the cozy sweaters. It’s literally impossible to have too many sweaters, but sweaters at the boutique or even department store can get a little pricey. Thus, a thrift store is where it’s at.

Hit up your favorite thrift shop or consignment store and begin bargain hunting. Have a little competition with your bestie to see who can find not only the best deal, but the best find. As for the prize, general bragging rights of the winner who gets to rock their sweater all season should suffice. But if you need more motivation, I suppose a free victory pumpkin spice latte would also work as a nice reward.

2 — Crafts

Fall is the best time of year for crafting. There’s unlimited inspiration out there and more variety than most seasons on what qualifies as a Fall craft. Pink and hearts for Valentine’s day; bunnies, eggs, and crosses for Easter; Flags, stars, and stripes for the 4th of July. Basically if it’s red, orange, or brown you can probably justify it as totally Fall-esque. Couple that with Halloween coming up and you practically double your crafting options.

For frugal choices you can search the Internet for inspiration of course, or you can go to your local dollar store and see what they have in their seasonal department. Usually they have craft supplies, garlands, and other little things you could incorporate. I also like to include the beautiful leaves that are completely free and everywhere. You can make leaf flowers, decorate jars, make a fall wreath, candle holders, paper pumpkins, paint pine cones, the list is virtually endless.

3 — Food

I swear food that was made with a friend just tastes better. After all your hard work you can sit back and be in awe of your delicious meal or dessert. There’s also something delightful about Fall food: pumpkin pie, squash soup, stuffed apples, to name a few.

Even if you’re both broke, by splitting the cost of ingredients generally you can make something tasty that fits into both of your price ranges. Affordable and delicious? That’s a win.

4 — Exercise

After eating all that food you may want to work together to burn off some of those calories. Fall is the perfect time to workout, especially outside. The air isn’t hot and sticky like it is during the Summer. And it’s not yet cold and dark like it is during the Winter. The weather is in that just right in between that allows you to workout without overheating and without being initially freezing.

Plus, working out with a friend can even make it fun. You can look up friend or couple exercises to do together or simply go for a jog through the crisp fall leaves. Encourage each other to do their best and get a kick-start on that summer body.

5 — Pumpkin Patch

This one’s obvious, but it’s a classic and needs to be said. Is there anything more Fall than going to a pumpkin patch? You can look for the perfect pumpkin or gourd to paint or carve later. There’s probably some combination of a tractor trolley you can jump on, a corn maze, corn in the hole, or apple picking.

Even if you don’t buy anything at all, simply walking around and enjoying some of the free things they have to offer can be festive and fun. And if the pumpkin patch you chose doesn’t have free things like lawn games or trolley rides, then a photo shoot with the pumpkins can be a perfect affordable option. All you need is a phone and a smile.