6 of the Biggest Lottery Winner Ever

What would you do if you ever won the lottery? Would you spend your money on a big home and a fancy car or would you make your money work for you? Need some more time to think about it? In the meantime, check out the following list of the 6 people who’ve won the biggest payouts in American lotto history so far as well as what they planned to do with their winnings.

1. Merle and Patrica Butler: Red Bull, IL
The couple along with three teachers known as the Three Amigos in Milford Mill, MD, and an anonymous winner in Ottawa, KS, shared a Mega Millions jackpot worth well over $600 million. That’s approximately $218 million to each group.

Patricia and Merle were the only winners that came forward publicly but, they played it coy when asked how they were planning on spending the money. The only information that would provide was that they were going to take the lump sum of $157 million, instead of monthly payments, and follow the advice of financial attornies and planners. They should probably invest in online lotto tickets as well.

2. Eddie Nabors: Dalton, GA
Nabors shared a Mega Millions jackpot worth $390 million with Harold and Elaine Messner of Woodbine, New Jersey.

Nabors, who happens to be a 52-year-old truck driver spilled the beans to the Today Show about how he would be spending his new found riches. He said that he planned to buy a home for his daughter, pay off the mortgages for his mom and other relatives, and buy a fishing boat for his son. When asked what he would do for himself, the refreshingly simple man said, “ I’m going fishing.”

3. Carolyn and Jim McCullar: Ephrata, WA
The lucky couple shared a Mega Millions jackpot that totaled $380 million with Holly Lahti.

Based on what Mr. McCullar said, life wasn’t going to change much for him and his wife. Their plans were to put the money in the bank, write a couple of checks to his kids, and give back by donating to charity. In this way, he will be able to preserve his family legacy, generation after generation

4. Holly Lahti: Rathdrum, ID
The single mother shared a Mega Millions jackpot worth $380 million with a couple from Washington.

Based on information gained from sources, Lahti quit her job as a customer service representative for a bank and virtually disappeared. This is probably because her estranged husband, Josh Lahti, was a piece of work. When asked by the Associate Press how he felt about his wife’s winnings, his response was, “That’s awesome! I won’t have to pay child support!”

As you can seem Holly had good reason to vanish, especially since the couple never divorced. Josh now has a tenuous but potential claim to Holly’s ticket.

5. 8 Employees at A ConAgra Meatpacking Plant in Nebraska
The group of seven men and one money won a Powerball lottery worth $365 Million

Based on information from the Today Show, upon learning of their good fortune, three of the eight quit their jobs immediately. Two of the winners were immigrants, one from the Congo and the other from Vietnam. The Congolese immigrant, Alain Mavoussou, planned to use his portion of the money to get his degree in business. When the only female in the group was asked if she was married, her response was, “No, it’s all mine.”

6. Joe and Sue Kainz: Tower Lakes, IL
The couple shared The Big Game winnings worth $363 Million with Nancy and Larry Ross of Shelby Township, MI.

For their own entertainment, before the couple went public, they drove down to the convenience store where the winning ticket was purchased and watched the reporters try to find them. The hilarious couple even spoke to a reporter but didn’t reveal who they were.

When they finally spoke to reporters, Mr. Kainz said that he and his wife planned to pay down their debs, fix their leaky roof, and invest in their brewery.

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