Senior Year

The day has come. My last first day of high school. The oxymoron we all wished would never happen. The beginning of a year of lasts. My last football game, my last half time performance, my first and last time eating lunch at the senior table, my last chance to get to know the people I will share this year of lasts with.

It’s a bittersweet mix of emotions as I realize that, even though I don’t attend high school, this is my last year to walk the halls without a visitor’s pass, my last year to participate in crazy spirit days, my last pep rallies.

But does it all have to be bittersweet? Am I permitted an amount of happiness as I realize that I’m one step away from my future, from meeting new people, from earning my degree that will allow me to earn a living to help support my future family? As I look into the still seemingly distant future, it starts to look more and more welcoming. Scary, yes, but welcoming all the same.

I’ve realized that just because this is coming to an end, something better is beginning. A lovely quote from the one and only Dr. Suess reminds us to not “cry because it’s over, [but] smile because it happened,” and that is exactly what I intend to do in this year of lasts.

One last thought (see what I did there?): while this year is exciting and scary at the same time, I’m thankful for the lessons I will learn because of it. Not only a year of lasts, but also a year of realization and maturing. To the class of 2015, thank you in advance and always remember: this is it!

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