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Inception-v3 from GoogLeNet, part of model that won the ImageNet competition in 2015

Even in the monotonically increasing long arc of technology, there sometimes appear non-linear discontinuities apparently out of nowhere. We at Halli Labs have a deep belief that AI, ML and NLP in general — and deep learning is particular — is just such a discontinuity. The last one we saw was perhaps in the mid 1990s when the WWW was born, though a more apt comparison might actually be the sudden widespread adoption of electricity in the previous century.

Naturally entrepreneurs and technologists like us can not be more excited. Halli Labs is applying modern ML techniques to old problems and domains to help technology march on in its timeless purpose— that of giving superhuman powers to all of us humans in letting us do whatever we want to do, better.

We are based in Bangalore and we need the best of AI and ML practitioners in India to make this happen. If this sounds exciting to you, please send an email to info@hallilabs.com with the name of any machine learning algorithm as subject 😃

PS: Halli means village in Kannada.

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