The Story Of The Afghan Girl.

A photograph of the Afghan Girl taken by Steve McCurry

The photograph above of a girl with piercing green eyes, wearing a red headscarf and looking intently at the camera is a famous photograph taken by a National Geographic Society photographer named Steve McCurry. The photograph appeared on the front cover of National Geographic In June 1985.

Steve McCurry was in Pakistan in 1984, documenting the struggles of Afghanistan’s refugees in a refugee camp called Nasir Bagh during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. There, inside a school tent, he noticed the girl with the most unique eyes he had ever seen. …

Hi! I’m Reggie and I’m single.

photo by the author: I and my friends

I believe the last time I wrote anything about myself was in primary school. I remember vividly coming home one day with an assignment that said, write a composition about myself. I wrote it and submitted it the next day. When my teacher was done marking everyone’s assignments, she returned them to all the kids in the class. I remember my friends seated around me at the time, opening up their notebooks to see a full mark of 10/10 written in red ink.

Me on the other hand, I opened mine to see 6/10. It’ was funny, because it felt…

My Medium Journey

Photo by Tania Mousinho on Unsplash

When I started writing on medium, I would always fantasize about earning a thousand dollars on the platform and writing an article about it. I would fantasize about it even though I was always paid nothing more than 80 cents every month.

It got to a point that I wrote an article about how I would spend a thousand dollars, if by chance I make that amount.

But now, I did make that amount.

After months of… shedding tears and wondering if my work would ever be good enough to go viral.

One article finally made my dreams come true.

The Life of Phan Thi Kim Phuc

June 8, 1972: Kim Phúc, center left, running down a road naked near Trảng Bàng after a South Vietnam Air Force napalm attack.

The picture above depicts soldiers walking behind terrified children, including a naked nine-year-old girl named Phan Thi Kim Phuc, running down a country road after a napalm attack on their village. This is a famous war photograph, taken by Nick Ut, that depicts the horrors of the Vietnam War and unveils them to the world.

The terrified girl in the photograph had to rip off her clothes after a large amount of napalm fell on her. …

The rise and fall of Kevin Carter

A photo of “The Struggling Girl” Courtesy of

The picture above of a vulture and a starving child is a famous photograph by Kevin Carter. The photograph became known as “The Struggling Girl” and depicted the Sudan famine in 1993.

In this photograph, the child (believed to be a girl) was attempting to reach a United Nations feeding center about a half-mile away in Ayod, Sudan (now South Sudan). But it was later announced that the child was a boy and the vulture nearby was waiting eagerly for carrion. In March 1994, the photo won the Pulitzer Prize for feature photography. …

Phil Hartman was at the pinnacle of his career when he died.

A picture of Phil Hartman

On the night of 27th May, 1998, Brynn Hartman, the wife to the Actor and Comedian Phil Hartman, had just returned home from spending time with a friend at a restaurant in California.

The moment she entered the house and spotted her husband, Phil Hartman, a heated argument began between them. While arguing, Phil brought up a previous incident where Brynn had hit their child while under the influence of alcohol.

At that time Brynn had serious alcohol and drug problems. Phil threatened to leave her if she continued to go on that path or harm their children again.


The Life of Alexander Pearce

Drawings, by Thomas Bock, of the face of Alexander Pearce after his execution.

In 1822, Macquarie Harbour in Sarah Island, Australia, was considered to be the best place to keep the most notorious of convicts in Europe.

The Prison Camp in the Harbor was surrounded by a verse barren jungle that stretches for hundreds of miles, separating the prison camp from the main settlement that was on another side of the island. The waters surrounding the Prison camp were filled with hungry sharks.

With these facts, you might think that any convicts planning to escape would reconsider. But that was not the case for some prisoners.

In September that same year, eight convicts…


How I actually spent my Valentine’s day

Photo by Ramille Soares on Unsplash

My friend picked up two microphones and walked to where I was seated. We were in a half crowded bar. In front of me was a table that carried few empty bottles of beer and empty plates that once had roasted beef on them.

He stood in front of me lifting the microphones to the air. On his face, he had a smile that spelt trouble.

He suggested that I do karaoke with him.

And at that moment, I mentally told myself never to hang out with him ever again.

It was Valentine’s Day. As an introvert who was also…

My First And Last Time I Picked Up A Cigarette.

Photo by Nguyen Linh on Unsplash

Boredom was the reason my uncle began smoking.

When I was a kid, he would sit on a bench placed in the front porch of his home, with a lit cigar between two of his fingers. He would suck in the burning tobacco and exhale a cloud of second-hand smoke to the air.

He would sometimes blow a cloud of smoke in my direction if he’d caught me staring at him with a concerned look on my face. I was concerned for his health

I was little and I was taught in school how terrible it was to smoke. I…

Reginald Ben-Halliday

Reginald is a writer, an accounting student and a dog lover.

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