My colleagues keep on telling me this is a great solution and asking ‘where did you get it from?’. Actually I came up with this solution myself and since they keep telling me it’s a good idea I thought I would write a post to share it. I’m referring to solving the problem of redundant and repetitive media queries generated by Sass.

There are many different approaches to dealing with media queries in Sass, here are a few and here but all of them suffer the same problem. …

The guide Adobe forgot to do! 

You’ve had a great idea for a Photoshop extension and you can write Javascript so a quick Google around and you’d expect to find a simple starting guide. No such luck! Documentation is dreadfully fragmented across blog posts, forum threads and visiting Adobe’s Photoshop devnet pages following the obvious choice Learn more about developing for Photoshop takes you to a very uninspiring 404. There appears to be no consolidated overview of how to get started with extensions in general and HTML5 extensions in particular.

[Update — much thanks to Hallgrimur Bjornsson who has provided links to several great resources on…

Dominique Briggs

UI designer at Capsule CRM and creative @hallodom

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