Five Top Advantages of Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries”- You might have heard this word often? Especially, when it comes to the discussion on an electric bike. Yes, these are mostly used in ebikes, laptops, cell phones, etc. Well, but why are they popular? Is there any advantages? Below given are few advantages offered by these batteries.

High energy density:

This is an important advantage of these batteries. They provide a high power rating to the battery. And because of their size they have become popular among the people.

Less maintenance:

There is no need to offer maintenance to these batteries for their performance. There are batteries that require regular discharge so that their optimal performance can be performed. But these batteries are quite different.

Charges fastly:

These batteries charges fastly in comparison to other batteries. The time required to charge is less. And this is the reason why they are used by people for their regular use.


These batteries are relatively lightweight in nature. And as these batteries are not heavy, they remain as a practical choice in various applications. Apart from their uses in the phone, they serve as a popular choice for electric bike as well as electric cars. These are also used in aerospace industries.

Less Self discharge:

Maximum number of batteries usually looses some amount of charges after getting disconnected from power source. But these batteries comprises of a discharge rate that is quite less if compared to other batteries.

Lasts long:

These batteries last longer and perform in a much better way for a long period of time. Apart from this, they can also get a regular charge without having difference in the capacity of the battery.

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