Repetto- Timeless ballet flat brand

The hot mixed and matched rock ballet shoes in 2016 reminded me the ballet flat of Repetto.

Repetto was founded by Rose Repetto in 1947 for famous ballerina Roland Petit, who was Rose’s son. Rose wanted to make the most professional ballet shoes for Roland in that time. That was the origin of Repetto. The flagship store of Repetto in Paris is still at the ballet class location which was found by Ross Repetto.

Repetto provides the best ballet shoes for ballerina. Ballet Flat is another basic production line of Repetto. In 1956, a French actress Brigitte Bardot worn a pair of red Repetto Cendrillon shoes in her movie. In 1957, Audrey Hepburn worn another pair Repetto flat in Funny Face. Repetto was knew well in French. It became one of classical French iconic shoes since 1950s.

The clientele of Repetto is age restriction. It can be worn by everybody. The color of Repetto shoes is pastel. It creates a nymphish graceful style for women. It liberates women’s foot from high heel since 1950s.

The ballet flat of Repetto is soft and lithe. The vamp is made of sheepskin or silk. The insole lining is made of cotton. The most intriguing design of ballet flat is the bowknot on the top. It is not only the cute design for the shoes but also the beginning of elastic cord around the topline.

The shoes of Repetto like French women. They have a pleasing and light soul. When they pass by on the street, you may not remember their face clearly, but the elegance impression of them would leave in your mind forever. A women rides the bike who is wearing a white shirt and a full skirt on the street, that is the women who must love Repetto.