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The thing pulling the opposite of the direction we want to go. In terms of strength training this is arguably a good thing. When it comes to accomplishing work we want to be doing, or long term goals we want to work towards, it’s counterproductive.

In “The War of Art” by author Steven Pressfield, he writes about resistance being everything that pulls us away from what we should be working on to achieve our goals (that’s a simplified description). …

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Recently I had the pleasure of seeing a documentary titled “California Typewriter”. The documentary focused around a typewriter repair shop named California Typewriter, and wrapped around that central character were interviews with several people talking about their relationships with typewriters.

Musician John Mayer was one of the people interviewed, and he mentioned a benefit of using a typewriter that really struck a cord with me as a creator. He talked about how the typewriter as a tool removed disctractions for him during the writing process.

It was a simple distraction he was referring to that happens on computers (no not social media anything like that.). The distraction he brought up was spell check. That little red underline letting you know something may be spelled incorrectly. …

There’s been a shift… it’s been gradual, very quiet, but it’s happened. Over time people on Facebook stopped writing status updates, and started re-posting content they find on the internet or that someone else has posted on Facebook by clicking the “Share” button.

For those of you that are or were Tumblr users, this is going to sound very familiar. Someone share’s something you like, and rather than create a brand new post for it you simply click the tumble button and it’s posted on your blog with very little effort.

So why the shift on Facebook? I feel like there’s a couple reasons. …

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