The Dangerous Church Of Nye

I first learned about The Church of Nye fairly recently from one of my good friends that saw a few blog posts relating to it, while they have been around since the 80s, they have only recently come into the public eye. This is mainly do to Dr. Julian Chase a journalist and religious studies expert. He has only recently brought to light The Thelonic Texts and the Church Of Nye a religious organization said to be cult and extremely dangerous because of their ritual practices. I learned this first hand when I tried to go to one of their secret events in Sacramento California, after going with two of my friends we got deep into the event about 400 people or so were there. Some were chanting some screaming Nye, thats their religious deity and some were playing with pigs blood for some sort of ritual, some of the drugged up members came near me shouting with weapons and threw blood on me. At this point i was really sketched out, Im a skeptic so i don’t really believe in any of the things going on there, I just came to have fun but what i got was being really scared and a near death. So i warn you, please stay away from this dangerous cult they may threaten you too. Ive been getting continuous threats from members ever since I left there because they got my address because i had to show it to get in, luckily my friends didn't show their IDs and are fine. Again Please don't mess with this cult they are crazy.