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For the last 5 years, I’ve been asked to judge a local 8th grade Shark Tank event. It’s amazing the amount of creativity that comes out of 12 and 13 year olds. Each year has it’s own twist with ideas and particular product and service offerings. The cool thing is I also join the kids for a practice round. It’s so great to see the kids absorb the feedback and integrate a few new ideas into the real deal. Here’s a few pieces of feedback from all the thank you letters:

”I liked how you and @MsPeKu found things to fix, and then explained how other teams can do the same for their projects”. This was a common theme where the kids really appreciated the feedback but also loved the idea of sharing a common practice with the rest of the class. …

Dreamforce 2018: The Craziest, Whackiest, Oddest DF Event in 8 years — Here’s Why

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Metallica Fan Experience at DF18

I’ve been attending Dreamforce since December 2010 when Stevie Wonder and will.i.am graced the stage for a phenomenal show. The Salesforce ecosystem was new to me back then, but based on the product, the people, the music, and the free beer, you could tell this was more than just a CRM. Salesforce was building an ecosystem and culture that would draw in technologists, salespeople, marketing, and entrpreneurs who wanted more than a foosball table.

Over the years I’ve seen a lot of interesting things at Dreamforce: Green Day playing four songs in the pouring rain at AT&T Stadium is one of the top candidates. It rained so hard the venue lost power so Billy Joe says screw it — I’ll play 4–5 more acoustic songs in the monsoon. Folks in the first 20–30 rows said it was an amazing experience. From the bleacher seats? You couldn’t hear a thing but it was a ridiculous sight. …

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Good day folks. I hope business is good and Mother Nature behaves during your summer vacation!

There are plenty of Salesforce sponsor opportunities coming up in the next few months, some that you may have heard of and some that may be new to you. These events are a fraction of the cost of Dreamforce or Cloud Tour events and are worth taking a look:

Midwest Dreamin”: Eric Dreshfield still has some sponsor slots he’s looking to fill for Chicago’s Midwest Dreamin’ event (www.midwestdreamin.com) on July 11–13. MWD has consistently had 600–700 attendees from a wide variety of user groups. …

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