Why Assam Black tea is the Best Breakfast Beverage?

Assam, the northeast state of India is mostly popular for its high-quality tea. Most of the tea gardens in the state produce some export quality tea variants that sail to several parts of the world. However, the region is mostly known for producing black tea, but green and white teas are also being produced in some areas.

Assam is situated in a northeastern part of India and the state is mostly surrounded by India’s neighboring countries. The region contains some higher-altitude areas, which are ideal for tea cultivation. Tea produced in Assam are quite different than the teas produced in Darjeeling or Nepal, as the climate in Assam different that characterizes the taste of Assamese Teas.

The Producer of Robust and Strong Tea Variant

Tea manufacturers in Assam come with dark, strong and bitter flavor and its aroma is known as malty. In addition, many variants of Assamese teas come with a taste of chocolate and floral or fruity tones in their aroma, which is rare in other teas produced in neighboring regions.

It’s toasty and caramel-like qualities along with the mind-pleasing aroma have made Assamese teas as the most preferred breakfast beverage in the world. Assam is definitely one of the best quality tea producers in the world, but along with its unique quality and recognizable style, Assam offers huge variability of teas.

Wide Varieties of Quality Teas

One of the top tea producing states of India, Assam is often known for producing highly tannic teas that are popular for their dark color and some kind of astringency and bitterness. However, you can easily find a wide variety of its teas come with the highly nuanced aroma.

Many tea gardens in the state of Assam are situated in higher areas and most of them are known for producing teas that come with a naturally sweet taste along with little bitterness and astringency.

Best as Breakfast Beverage

Assam black tea is considered as the best ingredient for the breakfast such as the English breakfast. However, Assam black team is much like the breakfast from East Frisia in Germany or the Irish breakfast. It is a blend of Irish and Ostfriesentee, the Irish breakfast tends to turn into exactly Assam.

However, if you talk about the pure Assamese black tea, then it is considerably the outstanding breakfast tea and if you are looking for its classic flavor comes from the house of some reputed tea producers such as Halmari tea factory Assam, will be one of best products you have ever tasted.

Tippy Assam is one of the most popular tea variants, which contains a large amount of tips and leaf buds. The tips and buds available in the tippy Assam are higher in caffeine, which is definitely one of the most favorite ingredients you would like to see in your breakfast.

Easy to Buy

Most of the tea manufacturing companies in Assam are inspired by the British tea culture and if you have bought tea manufacturers in Assam, you will not have to be worried about its quality, because most of the tea producers in the state produce export quality products.

For your convenience, you can buy the single estate and single-harvest loose-leaf teas manufactured in Assam, as this trend will help you in experiencing nuances of flavor and aroma of different tea variants from the state. For the best Assam tea, get the products of Halmari tea factory Assam, you will enjoy the real taste.