In preparing to write his latest New York Times opinion piece, Thomas Edsall queried several political writers about how a hypothetical Democratic candidate might respond to four of most challenging topics for liberals. Here’s how I responded (Edsall’s questions are in bold).

  1. What does your approach suggest about gender and…

A race-informed response to Ezra Klein’s engagement with David Shor

What Shor gets right
Shor is correct that most Democratic messaging makes it harder to win elections because it either fails to persuade or perversely actually alienates many conflicted (rather than “moderate”) voters. The former is true for messages that primarily stress policy issues; the latter comes into play with messages…

Ian Haney Lopez

Ian Haney López is a law professor who focuses on the use of racism in electoral politics. He is the author of DOG WHISTLE POLITICS as well as MERGE LEFT.

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