We have all given or received gift cards at some point in our lives. We might not think twice about it. It’s a pretty socially acceptable gift. But when giving someone a gift card, we know it’s not a good gift. Its a gift of last resort. It says: I didn’t have time to think about what you actually want or I don’t know you well enough. It feels transactional in nature.

We, as a society, have decided that cash is not a socially acceptable gift. So we give each other gift cards. To the tune of $180 billion a year. But gift cards are worse than giving cash as a gift. Store cards like Nike or Red Lobster lock you into that retailer. What if you don’t wear Nike Shoes or dine at Red Lobster? Cash cards like American Express and Visa charge high fees. No wonder $1 billion worth of gift cards expire unused every year. That’s the whole business model. …


Halo Gift Cards

Halo is a digital gift card that works anywhere, has no fees and helps you create unique virtual gifting experiences.

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