The Halo team has been hard at work planning for the migration from the Halo chain onto the Ethereum chain. The complete migration will happen over a period of several weeks as each step necessary to update the software is completed and tested. The order of events will happen in a way to give all Halo users the opportunity to make the swap and be ready for relaunch on Ethereum with plenty of time.

The first thing to happen will be a cancellation of all masternodes. This will happen just like when this was done before to accommodate the split…

Halo Update Time!

I’ve written and rewritten this one multiple times as it’s a little different then our normal updates. Instead of talking about development progress and other items, I want to open up a discussion with you, the Halo Community, about the path forward for Halo. Which makes it more difficult to write up.

We have done some awesome things with Halo. The products we’ve created are outstanding and will continue to improve. Looking to the future I feel there will be a few holding us back from gaining more market share and users.

Instead of a long run…

Honestly, I don’t know what day or month this is anymore. But I do know its update time!

Firstly, I hope everyone and their families are staying safe in these unprecedented times. Work at Halo has continued during these times, just with some minor adjustments from school closures etc.

Our main focus since the last update has been completing the API updates. Which I am happy to say are being tested now. We’ve also gone through the DEX website and made huge performance improvements on nearly every aspect of the code. The database is leaner, and runs with less overhead…

February was a very productive development month for Halo Platform. We saw the addition of new exciting projects on HaloDex. We’ve entered into new talks with crypto companies who provide SaaS that will help us round out the Platform and will allow it to offer more tools, for trading, secure coin management, and the purchase and usage of Crypto.

But most of our month was focused on the work for the Pinnacle update. We are nearing completion of new API back end which will allow a “normalized” experience for individuals who wish to interact with the dex and Halo via…

What is Factom?

Factom is a blockchain protocol that was designed to help businesses with storing data. It removes blockchain technology immutability from digital assets associated with blockchains, thus making storage of data on the blockchain easier and cheaper for businesses. It does this by using cryptographic isolation, a process that makes it possible to store unalterable records in a secure environment. Factom aims to solve three primary problems on the Bitcoin network:

Transaction Speed: Because blocks take a few minutes to create, and to validate a transaction, the community standard of a six network confirmation can take up to one hour…

I want to thank everyone for their continued support and I am excited for what 2020 will bring. Not only for Halo Platform, but for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain in general. I truly believe we will see continued transformation in this space as more use cases for blockchain are developed and released.

As for Halo Platform, I want to talk specifically about a few key components that will have the focus of development this year. This is not meant to be an all inclusive product road map for 2020 and each of these pieces will have further information releases. …

What is HXRO?

Hxro is a blockchain-based crypto gaming platform that combines skill-based social media gaming with digital currency trading. Hxro’s game-based format sees players competing with one another in timed contests that run for different durations while testing their skills in the exciting crypto markets.

On Hxro, players have access to tons of free-to-play and fixed entry fee games. On the fixed entry fee games, users are allowed to play for microstakes (for as little as 10 HRXO tokens per event), or with larger amounts of HRXO tokens.

HXRO Token Information

HXRO is an Ethereum-based ERC20 token that was engineered to provide full utility on…

What is Evedo?

Evedo is a blockhain-based platform that seeks to unify all the businesses and participants that take part in organizing events. Its aim is to build a marketplace where parties central to an event, which include performers, event organizers, venues, attendees, and sponsors, can communicate safely and securely. According to their website, the aim of Evedo is to build a true ecosystem that will grow the $850+ billion event industry by connecting all the parties involved without the presence of unnecessary middlemen.

Running events or purchasing tickets fairly and securely is getting harder and harder by the day due to several…

Dear Community Members!

This is to thank everyone who took part in the HaloDex Listing Voting Competition which ran from November 18, 2019, until November 23, 2019.

Thousands of votes were received as everyone on our telegram community voted hard for their favorite projects to win the grand prize of free listing with a marketing package valued at $25,000.

HaloDex is now analyzing all the votes to weed out bots and fake votes. The winner of the competition will be officially announced at 18:00 on November 26, 2019 (UTC+7) by email and push notifications. …

Halo Platform is officially releasing a new campaign on Telegram, your favorite project can win a FREE listing on Halo Platform and a marketing package valued at 25,000 USD.

All you have to do in order to participate is join our telegram channel and vote for your project.

Once the competition has started our voting bot will go live, allowing all users in the group to easily cast their vote for their favorite projects. The voting bot will go live on November 18th 18.00 UTC+7 until November 23rd 18.00 UTC+7.

Please read the pinned message where all instructions are written…

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