February 2020 Update

Halo Platform
Feb 25 · 2 min read

February was a very productive development month for Halo Platform. We saw the addition of new exciting projects on HaloDex. We’ve entered into new talks with crypto companies who provide SaaS that will help us round out the Platform and will allow it to offer more tools, for trading, secure coin management, and the purchase and usage of Crypto.

But most of our month was focused on the work for the Pinnacle update. We are nearing completion of new API back end which will allow a “normalized” experience for individuals who wish to interact with the dex and Halo via API. Currently, you have to incorporate web3 commands into anything you code (such as a trading bot) to interact with the dex. This adds a lot of learning curve and does not allow for easy integration into existing systems. Our new API backend will allow for more “plug and play” with a standardized set of API commands, most of which will have the corresponding web3 and other necessary hooks already built in.

Work on the updated Wallet dApp will begin as soon as the API work is completed. We will release screen shots and invite users into a beta usage of it. There will not be much difference between it and the current Wallet, though you will find more functionality and management tools coming to it.

The exchange website will also start its’ revamp coming up. There will not be much in the way of major graphical updates. We still feel the current layout provides a clear and concise trading experience. That is not to say that there is not room for improvement, and there will be. We are going through the website from top to bottom, cleaning up inefficiencies, adding in more features (max button coming back..), and creating a more mobile friendly website. We will have a full list of features and updates in the March update.

Thank you as always and I look forward to continuing our work with Halo.

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