Halo Platform Special Announcement

HaloDEX is live on MainNet

Early this morning we released HaloDEX, our decentralized exchange, on Featherlite’s main net. Users can now trade between HALO and Ethereum (ETH) as well as experience instant order creation and trade execution. We here at Halo Platform would like to give many thanks to those of you in our community who participated in our Beta Testing program and provided us with excellent feedback. The exchange has come a very long way in development since we began creating it a few months ago.

Next week HaloDEX will become available on HaloDEX.io. This will be useful for users who do not have the Featherlite client installed. To begin using HaloDEX, take a moment and read our instructions here: https://wiki.haloplatform.tech/HaloDex. HaloDEX runs in Lite mode, so there no need to launch in Full Node (although that option is available).

If you run into any issues, feel free to contact us through our various support channels (Forums, Discord, and email).

Happy trading!

HALO/ETH Trading page

Ethereum deposit page

In addition, between now and Monday, we are preparing to launch the Featherlite Chrome extension. This means you will soon be able to access all current features of the Featherlite client through the Chrome web browser, including HaloDEX.

Featherlite Chrome Browser Extension

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