IBM and Columbia University Launch Accelerators for Blockchain Startups

Columbia University and tech giant IBM recently announced the launch of two new technology accelerator programs focused on blockchain technology. The pair of accelerator programs aims to support both new and existing startups that are currently operating in the blockchain space. The partnership aims to foster innovation within these companies at a scale far beyond their current capacity.

The accelerator programs also intend to provide these select startups with many other forms of assistance intended to help cover most of the cost of building a successful blockchain network. This includes access to IBM cloud technology, technical support, assistance in graphic design, and access to Columbia’s collegiate student talent and research community.

The establishment of the accelerator programs with the capability to offer blockchain-based startups an opportunity to see their innovations executed to scale. This is a huge step in the right direction for the widespread adoption of blockchain technology. Halo Platform has built its own blockchain, and it’s one of the fastest on the web. We know how much goes in to building a blockchain company, and we’re glad to see researchers and large institutions taking the blockchain as seriously as we do.

Columbia University and IBM Partner Up

The Columbia-IBM partnership encompasses two programs. The first program, the IBM Blockchain Accelerator, is an eight-week program that targets later-stage blockchain-based companies throughout the world. This approach focuses on structuring a sustainable business network and customer base. The program will have a virtual presence, but will also be implemented in-person in both New York and San Francisco.

The second program, the Columbia Blockchain Launch Accelerator, is also eight-weeks long. However, it will target idea-stage startup companies with Columbia and other select New York City-based University associations. The program will take place on-site in New York City, and will give participants access to tools and training on how to construct a blockchain startup.

What Will the Accelerator Programs Offer?

Columbia and IBM have their sights set on leading the development of blockchain technology by power-leveling blockchain innovation into its next generation. IBM’s cloud space operates a hyper-based ledger blockchain platform with an end-to-end forte, ensuring the total security of its user’s transactions. For Columbia University’s part, the world-class institution will be contributing human capital and the infrastructure available to budding tech entrepreneurs in the university community.

Each accelerator program will support ten startup blockchain-based companies. The startups will be provided with access to a network of business mentors, entrepreneurs, blockchain network creators, and world wide access to expertise and resources. For blockchain startups that are a bit more mature than others, the programs offer opportunities to help those startups function at a larger scale and establish a strong network in the business community.

Columbia and IBM have stated that their aim is to help blockchain network developers translate their own ideas into something that can be inflated to a larger scale while also remaining sustainable. In doing so, the accelerator programs have the potential to nourish the blockchain industry and its creators. This will encourage new levels of innovation in blockchain technology adoption and serve as a driving force in business productivity throughout a vast majority of industries.

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Halo Platform

A cryptocurrency platform for your entire crypto-sphere. Congregate. Organize. Strategize. Execute.

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