The Sins of Lucifer and Mankind

In the stories “ Young Goodman Brown” and “Paradise Lost” we can see a resemblance of the devil even though they play a different part in both stories. Goodman is a simple guy who believes in god and has a very strong faith in his lord but he then encounters a very difficulty task. On the other hand, in Paradise Lost, Lucifer aka the devil is challenged in different ways but one thing is that he hates god and everything he stands for. While both stories have different points of view they also have similarities too. Lucifer and Goodman Brown may be different but they are both alike in some ways, one for good and the other for evil.

Point 1

The story, “Young Goodman Brown” is about a man who is married to his wife Faith and he decides to go on this journey one night. Goodman is whispered something in his ear from his wife and that is, she tells him don’t go and instead go to bed with me and leave that journey for the morning instead. In addition, Goodman decides to leave after all, and he travels into the dark forest where he encounters this older man who reflects a similarity to Goodman Brown, but Goodman discovers a weird thing about this man and that is that he has a staff with a black serpent who seems to be alive. Also, Goodman assumes this older gentleman is the Devil. He will then refuses the staff from this man as he states “My father never went into the woods on such an errand, nor his father before him. We have been a race of honest men and good Christians, since the days of the martyrs. And Shall I be the first of the name of Brown, that ever took this path, and kept-” (pg. 378). This means he is basically explaining that he will not do any such thing that will bring him into the dark side that he rather be loyal to his God. As you can see in the video below, it is a refelection when man encounters the devil.

Peter Hockley Published on May 26, 2013

However, in book one of “Paradise Lost” it explains how the devil became the devil and how he was vanished into hell by God himself. The one thing that Lucifer wanted was revenge for being thrown into hell, so he knew that he couldn’t beat god physically, so he was going to beat the almighty god using the method by making mankind evil and turn them against god. One thing that Young Goodman Brown and Paradise Lost book one have in common is that they both explain in the story about a snake and how it relates to the Devil. In Young Goodman Brown it mentions that snake as a staff who the old man carries with him but eventually gives to brown, as for Paradise Lost it mentions that snake as stated “Who made them do this awful thing? It was that snake from Hell, wasn’t it. His envy and thirst for revenge made him go trick Eve the way he did.” (From verse 33. In book one from Paradise Lost). Nevertheless, both stories have one thing in common and that is the snake and as you will see in the picture below it is the serpent who takes place of lucifer himself.

The Black Serpent

Point 2

In addition, book four of Paradise Lost talks about Lucifer and how he was once an angel and how his high position just wanted him to get higher in power but before that could happen he was thrown into hell. Even though, Lucifer knew he could not defeat god he thrives for power just not in the good way, he states “All good is lost to me. Evil will become my good. Let God rule over the world of good. I will rule over evil — and maybe my half will turn out to be bigger than his, as mankind may soon find out.” (Stance 109 of book 4 of Paradise Lost). On the other hand, in the story of Young Goodman Brown there is a scene where Goodman mentions, “With Heaven above, and Faith below, I will yet stand firm against the devil!”. Goodman is basically saying that his faith to god will overcome whatever temptations the devil will throw at him and he will not give in to Lucifer by any means necessary. Although both stories are different they intend to have a similarity, eventhough one talks about how lucifer will do evil and not believe in god while Goodman is the opposite of lucifer, he will do good and he will have his faith strong in god. Given these points, all together you can see that lucifer and Goodman are different in both stories but then again one is the devil while the other is mankind. Also, you can see in the image below how their is a half man and half snake. The reason I show this image was because it pretty much explains how a man can be tempted into doing evil! It looks like he is fighting the snake to brake lose from it, but in the quote it mentions how he is cursed and shall live the rest of thy life.

Point 3

Lastly, in the story of book nine of “Paradise Lost,” it talks about how lucifer was kick out of Eden the paradise of Adam and Eve. Also, as the story keeps going foward it mentions about the snake and how lucifer decide to the image of the snake because it will sneak into places without no one ever knowing you were their, it states, “He roamed the whole world and carefully studied every kind of creature and decided that the snake was the best one for him to sneak around in.” “He figured that it was such a sneaky looking creature already that nobody would suspect anything unusual about his strange behavior once he was inside the snake.”(Paradise lost, Stance 83,90). However in the story “Young Goodman Brown” their is a similarity in this story and that is the snake but also that both stories talk about mankind will be evil it states, “Evil is the nature of mankind. Evil must be your only happiness.” Not only does it mentions this but it is wierd on how both stories connects to mankind and lucifer. Nevertheless, you can’t imagen how lucifer and mankind can both be evil if not temptation and here is a article from the source The Intercept that explains on how evil works from the devil actions and mankind too, it is a story of a police officer gun down before testifying, basically he was going to do good and evil came in and took him out.

point 4

In summary, both stories from “Young Goodman Brown” and “Paradise lost” book one, four, nine, they all talk about the devil aka lucifer and mankind. Also, they all mention a snake meaning the devil, and how the image of the snake takes form as the devil. They are different kinds of reason on how each story takes place but one thing is that the devil will rise to make evil in mankind, no matter how far he has to go by it. In addition, you can also see in my sources that I have used, whether it is an image or video or even and article, you can assume how evil takes part in all of it. Nevertheless, you can’t imagen on how good or bad works, but you can always choose a side regardless the circumstances of your actions.

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